Tempest Rising- Great book- Worst cover art ever

So I never would have picked this book because the cover is not me at all. It’s weird cartoon art. I didn’t get it. But the first chapter of this book was at the end of one of my favorite books: Souless by Gail Carriger. So I figured I’d give it a chance… And I loved every single word lol.

Favorite Quotes

I knew my swimming was the key to something, but it was that annoying, anonymous key that hung on every inherited key ring. The key that didn’t fit any door in the house or any drawer in the office or any suitcase in the attic. Swimming was my mystery key that nagged me with its presence. But no matter how many locks I tried, it never revealed anything about what it concealed.

I turned my face forward, my expression a blank mask. I hadn’t done this- whatever this was- in a very long time and I had no idea how to act. So I followed my favorite attention-diffusing mantra: When in doubt act fossilized.

That crafty little minx, I thought, as I realized what was happening. She’s one of them… she owes me fried cheese for keeping secrets.┬áIn my world, fried cheese is the gold standard.

So here is the awful cover. Don’t judge me for loving it anyway…


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